Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Who do I look like? Who was there when I was born?

8 Days left and we will be leaving to Egypt. Last minute things now I am thinking who is going to stay with my Doves. Nenas we have 3 doves 2 white and 1 peach. I have being trying to breed them but I think I got stuck with 3 males and no way I am going to do a DNA test in my doves like the gentleman at Petsmart suggested.

So I think we will stay with the 3 doves, maybe I get to convince baba to try buying another one to see if I can breed them is something I have always wanted to do, oh nenas and another thing mami likes to do is to grow vegetables not much vegetable growing in our apartment now but eventually we will be able to do it again like I used to do in South Carolina.

Samia today you acted up a little bit at home first of all you decided to use the spoons are as hammers and the worst part you were banging them against our wood dinning table so marks were left....mami got mad but the chancla was not used, oh and the best part enty kadaba when baba got home and asked you who had damage the table you did not hesitate to say GAMILA...poor Milo her playing ground is the floor not the dinning table.

Nenas tio Mau and I are exactly 18 months apart like you guys are, so when we were little we used to play all the time but to tell you the truth most of the things that broke around the house were Mao's fault, but he used to be a kadaba and when Abuela would ask who did it, he would say la Muneca (that is how they called me at home) and I will be crying saying please Mauricio tell mami the truth but he would hold on to his lie and what would happened is that the belt would fly our way, Abuela would hit the two of us. NOt sure how I am going to handle this situation when they upraise. ........I guess time would tell if I will follow the same procedure the two of you get punish or I will push for the truth from one of you....but Abuelas method worked because to this day tio Mau and I are super closed together. Tio Cesar did not have to suffer this treatment he was much older than us and he was into other things when the two of us would be breaking things around the house.........

Gamila you are alot like tio Mau all over the place, active and hyper like him
Samia you stick your little tongue out when you are writing just like tio Cesar

Gamila your big eyes are like Tio Mau
GAmila those eyebrows are just like the Palacio family

Samia the way you sleep just like your ameto Mio

SAmia your lips are just like ameto Mio
SAmia your toes are just like Ameto Mio

Samia the color of your skin is just like your tio Cesar and ameto Mio

Samia you look like Iliana
Gamila you look like Crystal
Samia when you were born the first people that held you after mami and baba were your Guido and your tio Cesar.

Gamila when you were born the first people that held you after mami and baba was your Abuela.

Samia you did not walk till 16 months my lazy girl, however Guido was here and he help you getting started.
Nenas as you get older always remember that Abuela and Abuelo, Zetu and Guido are here to be respected. Listen to them even if they are old and wrinkle they are to be loved and be taken care of always. They are sacred to mami and baba.

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