Monday, August 11, 2008

Un poco mas de lo mismo!!

This last couple of days life has being pretty much the same on this end of the woods. Counting down the days to go to Egypt, it seems we are also staying in the Baton Rouge area. This means that we have to start to look for a house to purchase it must likely it would be around Denham Springs just closer to Yehia's job.

Not sure how easy is going to be girls buying our first home, but I guess we will find what we are looking for. Girls when your time comes to purchase something big always make sure to buy something withing your limits like we say in Colombia "Cobijesen hasta donde alcanza la cobija" No vale la pena meterse en algo tan grande que siempre van a estar alcanzadas.

I just want to find something comfortable and something that we can pay and still have enough money to travel since that is something I have always want to do as the girls get older, the only thing you have left in life is your education and your knowledge of other cultures.

I guess the house hunting is something we will emphasize more when we come back from Egypt.

This weekend coming up we are taking Siwa to get trained she will be gone for over 10 weeks, so we will pick it her up when I come back. She would be a different dog trained off leash, I can not wait for these. Maybe this way Samia can play with her more and don't be afraid of crazy Siwa jumping on top of her. As of now Samia you only like to be close to her when she is in her crate, Samia you even feed her I love when you do this, and while you feed Siwa, Gamila is trying to eat from the floor the pebbles Samia drops. Yes Gamila you even eat dog food.

OH Samia you did the funniest thing this weekend you want to carry your cell phone, and you decided to use GAmila's headband as your necklace, you love to put accessories, you love adorable.

Oh nenas this weekend we ate RECALENTADO, nenas this is a typical dish we eat in Colombia usually on Saturdays and Sundays with the left overs from beans from the prior days.

Nenas you get the beans left over then you cut tomatoes and make and ahogado after that you mix the beans with white rice, the ahogado, and some eggs and you mix everything together like when you make scramble eggs. You love to eat this my Samia and GAmila you love this too.

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