Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Today was a quite day few funny things happend I finally found out where Samia learned "NO MONEY LEFT" she would say this all the time and baba and mami would be like where did she learn this from...watching Max and Ruby today we found out that Max says it all the time.  I wander why would a rabbit say such a phrase well cartoons they have no common sense.

Today I took care of all the paper work before going to Egypt wow! I never though it would be so much work.
Tomorrow is my appointment with Gamila I am a bit nervous but Inshallah is  nothing!!!!

This afternoon I decided to give the girls paletas and SAmia did very well she did not let it drip and she even wanted to feed her sister, but Gamila as the little terror that she can be she wanted to hold her own and eat it herself.
It was messy but lots of fun.

Oh I forgot to mention Samia you wanted to try on your baba's shorts. Mami was trying baba's short and you wanted to imitate mami, you are in that age that you want to imitate everything.

Now that I am touching this subject princesita always be yourself you don't have to imitate anybody not even Gamila you have your own personality and that makes you a special person already.  Always remember people have to love you for whom you are not for what they want you to be.. 

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