Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ballons, Bubbles, Dance fun fun fun

Yesterday was friday and we had so much fun!! Here in Baton Rouge they have an air ballon show and wow was it nice and fun.  Samia loved it they had a small village for the children with a petting zoo (however Samia you were not very interested in the animals I think you were a bit afraid) Then we found the dance area were they had a bubbles machine wow did you have fun there, you did not even want to leave.  You were dancing aways doing all kind of moves....Oh I loved to see you dance even the DJ was enteretained seeing your moves little Samia.

Gamila was riding in her hammock attach to baba's hip, that is like their bonding time, Baba loves to carry you in the hammock and you loved to be attach to baba's hip, you do did not even cry for one moment.  Although it was humid and a bit hot but we enjoy ourselves.  This reminded me of something we would do with Abuelo, he used to love to take us to events like this even I remember going to kite flying in Colombia, I will see if we can take you guys the next time they have a show like this in town.

In the morning we went to Chucky Cheese with Addison and Jenny it was nice seeing our friends we had not seeing them in a while, but the girls had fun, however Samia you decided to say "I afraid Chucky Cheesse"  that is your new phrase "I afraid Mickey, Hanna Botana, Daysi etc etc"  I just love to hear you talk, I love every phrase that comes out of that little mouth or like Abu would say boca de punto, Abu says your mouth is like they took a brush and they draw it is so perfect....

Gamila you are doing the normal things for your age, crawling and crawling, whynning when baba is not carrying, eating away everything that hits your mouth goes down, and very very active but I am enjoying everyminute of it, sometimes I feel a bit sad because you are my last baby unless papito Dios decides to send me another bundle of joy, however is so easy now that my girls are getting bigger to get around, but I guess only time would tell whoever those 34 years are right around my I am not sure.

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