Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thank God and my angels! Samia had double fun***

I am so happy happy happy and thankful my Gamila ojitos de sapo murmur is an innocent. So needless to say there is no need for a second visit with the cardiologist.
Stacy was nice enough to stay with my Samia, Samia you love to play with Carson and love to be with Stacy. Today when they were over the house Stacy got a video of them jumping on the bed and Miss SAmia what a little lady you are and Mr. Carson what a gentleman you are, in an instance SAmia falls and extends her hand for Carson to help her get up and surely enough he gives her his hand, and she gets up.
Is so nice to see how since such a small age they are already developing that sense of care for others.

Well not only did Miss Samia had Carson over but in the afternoon her friend Addison came over, I had promised her mommy that I was going to take care of her. They played so well. Samia you help mami make a pizza with Addison, you colored well I should said you color and you color your face making an appealing green mustache.

GAmila you are starting to play more with Samia, I love to see the two of you interact Samia loves to put hats and sunglasses on Samia I don't think she likes that at all but Samia enjoys feeding, dressing you up and she loves to hear you laugh.

Gracias papito Dios por dame estos dos tesoros.

Baba and mami today finish up all the shopping before the trip, tomorrow we will start packing, God willing in a week we will be flying over the Atlantic, and hopefully Gamila and Samia would be sleeping too (all you who read this please cross your fingers for me)

Nenas this would be such a fun adventure a learning experience for all of us.

Guido and Zetu are planning everything they already  rented a van to pick us up at the airport, Samia they know you love McDonalds so Zetu is making you burgers to take to Cairo so you can eat some on the drive back to Alexandria, they are so excited to see the two of you, although it would be a bittersweet moment since we all know that Mio would had love this moment.

Samia when you were a baby till the weeks before she got sick she would always come on the computer to see you in the camera she would talk to you and she would always send you things from Masry, she used to send you all of your arabic movies, wooded toys and clothing.

Gamila Mio would always ask for you as well and see you in the computer you never got to talk to her like Samia did, but she also bought you lots and lots of clothing before you were born and while you were a baby. That small pillow you have she had made specially for you.

Girls always remember you have Mio looking over you.

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