Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bye Bye Siwa, My bow, mono, tuca Samiuta!!!

So today Siwa left us she would be spending the next 10 weeks in Abita Springs getting trainned so we can enjoy her as a family dog.  It could not had worked better while we are gone not only she would be in the kennel but trainned as well.

Yesterday we had a lot fun with the girls Samia decided to fill her head with bows or monos like we say in spanish or tuca in arabic she mixes everything up, but I think that is what makes her irresistable.

Oh today she said something very funny for prior reference Helwa means beautiful in arabic.So baba comes home and he says wow SAmia you look pretty and she answer "NO baba I am not pretty I am helwa....(figures what goes on in that little head of hers) Everyday she amazes me I just love being around her and seeing how much she teases me and pushes her limits that is into I say I am getting Brava (upset) at this point she turns everything into a joke.
Samia you love to say all the colombian terms mami teaches you like que bacana, que tesa, la dura....and you say them and it makes me crack up you even say them with an accent.
GAmila you only think of eating and eating, that tummy is just never satisfied.
Only 4 days to go and we will be in Egypt I feel like I am never going to finish buying today I had to buy more snacks to take in the plane since Samia found the ones I had already purchase.

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