Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sportings Club

So yesterday we went to the Sporting Club once again Emad took us to the pool along with her son Mohamed. The club is very big, it hwas 2 Olympic swimming pool, the gardens for the children to play, restaurant, soccer field, gold course, tennis, volleyball, skating ring etc etc.

Samia had fun as well as Gamila here they used a normal pool and they only fill it up to your knees for the chidren funny but useful. So you can imagine I am inside the pool wearing shorts and I could feel all of this woman looking at me like what is that crazy woman doing inside the pool.

We stayed there for a while then went upstairs to catch lunch, the place is full the whole day they have swimming lesson classes so there are allot of people coming and going.
After Emad pick us up and we drove around for a while, I was able to catch a few pictures however is hard having Gamila in my legs and SAmia sitting next to me I am so afraid we are going to brake and Samia is going to go flying, driving here is insane, everybody is in top of everybody. But I should mention there are police check points, for what I am not sure, oh and I found out if by any chance we get stopped by the police you are better off paying the citation on the spot, I wonder if the money makes it back to the main offices.
AT night like always visitors and more visitors, Camelia came over the same as Nagwa and her daughter I would not even try to mention her daughters name. Samia once again in love with all of these people.

Samia has not being eating much but Gamila is eating for her she eats falafal, fool, guava, sweets, koshary, gibna, aish, etc etc...since food is such an important part of this culture Guido and Zetu enjoy feeding her, I think they are a bit disappointed that SAmia is not eating that much, I think is the heat.
the most I miss from back home is being able to talk to my mami 3 and 4 times a day however we have spoken several times pero me haces mucha falta mami.

Samia keeps on mentioning her friends from music class...Alexandra, Bonnie, Samantha, Olivia!!!
Oh Stacy I should mention I had to show her the chancla and the only thing she said was Be Nice Carson!!!!!
Suzzu loves holding Gamila and she in return loves being with all of them, I am really amazed how well Gamila has gotten used to the whole routine here.

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KKGhoffman said...

That is one HUGE baby pool :)