Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So yesterday Yehia and I finally went out, is funny that Yehia that was born and raised in this country feels like a stranger, is hard for him to deal with the crowds, the dirt in the streets half of the sidewalk missing, the crossing of the streets. I guess I don't feel it as much since I have being coming more regularly than him and I am from a third world country as well.
I usually don't like to talk about this things, but I will like for my girls to know what mami used to think so I guess it does not hurt, if anyone gets offended please understand it was not my intention, I guess from living so much in the USA freedom speech caught up with me.
So last night we are heading out at around 9:00 PM to the crowed street, Yehia was not sure where we were going we just wanted to get out of the house, he was lucky enough to see a lady in a window (very common here) so the lady said hi, well that is were his good friend lives. So his friend was nice enough to come with us call his fiance and we went to a place call Green Plaza (is like an open mall) Very nice place I wish we had a place like this back home specially for the children is like a fair for children inside, rides, even water rides, carousel, bouncing house so so many things for the kids and many shops as well.
The place very crowded young people, family with childrens etc.
The shops amazing amazing, the fashion oriented shops is unbelievable, from seeing this woman I am a mess. They coordinate everything from their shoes to their hijab....

Something that I have being noticing is the increasing of the hijab, every time I come I find more and more girls wearing the hijab even in a very young age I see it more like a fashion, statement you see them wearing their fitted jeans, fitted shirts and their hijab and in a fashion way, I have being told there are like more than 100 ways to carry the hijab, I have even notice several color combinations.
Everything has to be said they are very well dress, not my style very loud colors well they are in summer in a city by the beach so I give them that credit.
For those of you that don't know in Egypt there is a large Christian community this girls don't wear the hijab so you will see a group of Friends some girls with hijab and some others without it....so that saying that Egypt is all muslim is not true.!!!!

Yehia's friend and his fiance very nice couple well spoken english well studied (oh I should mention most of the people in Egypt have college educations, perhaps they don't work because there are no jobs, but education in this countries is a most, oh I should add college education is free well that is you have to pass very tough exams to be accepted in the colleges of engineer, medicine etc) However elementary, high school is not free well there are public schools but not desirable.

Samia had fun yesterday as well once again we follow our crazy schedule it worries me but I figure I am still going to have to deal with the jet lag so big deal...

Samia had fun with Bassant (did not butcher her name since Yehia corrected me) this is Mona's daughter (Mona is Yehia's aunt oH I should mention all of this aunts and uncles are from Yehias mother)

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