Friday, August 29, 2008

The market, crowds, Samoha club, the beach

So is being a few days that I have not posted anything that does not mean there has not being any action, the problem is that the DSL is shared here in the building so let me explain a whole building only pays one fee of DSL since we pay the guy who let us share his connection. Like a typical Egyptian he wakes up at 12 o'clock and that is when he turns on the router, so if he is awake I have a computer if he is sleeping I am left without a computer only in Egypt. I am getting used to it.

On Wed Yehia and I went to old Alexandria wow so many markets and so so so many people, we venture walking for about 3 miles just to make it there had to cross the streets crossing a street here is scarier than a roller coaster, but Yehia is getting the hang of it once again.

So here we are in this market they sell all kinds of stuff, fruits, clothes, belly dancing things, etc etc, oh nuts and nuts, spices but the best part is the raw meat hanging from hooks no refrigerator or nothing: liver, sausage, beef, fish, other words a health hazard wow if the health officials in the USA were to put a foot in this market they would my question is why people here don't get food poison while in the States we are worry that if the fish stayed outside the fridge or the chicken we can get salmonella...I wonder??????

Is hard to describe this market unless you are inside not even a camera can do it and is impossible when you have people right behind you, I felt like in New York City in the subway number 7 in rush hour. Everybody in top of you pushing and pushing to make their way either inside the train or outside the train.

Samia and Gamila stayed home with all of them Guido takes Samia every night for a walk and the park, not sure how she communicates but she cames home telling me she met a kid named Mohamed, Nancy and Aneyat (not sure how to write the name) Guido has to carry her back or else she would not want to leave the park...the best part is that the park is in the middle of a mayor road so the parents sit outside the edges to prevent the chidren from running towards the street.
So Thursday we went to Samoha club that is were Yehia and his family are members, we had fun, finally Zetu made it out of the house is hard for her to get out....(I can not blame her now that I am a mom I can not imagine my life without any of the girls).
So Samia was afraid of the rides but into the kids, much older kids than her but she follows them and tries to talk to them....I think she misses her friends back home, or at least the children interaction, Oh I should say not only SAmia, Mami does as well! Then we came home and like an typical egyptian family we took a nap like for 3 hours in the afternoon to wake up to eat and hit the street again.

Guido took Samia and Yehia and I walked for another 2 miles towards the beach, is funny to see so many people by the beach at night it was Thursday so it was packed, Friday here is the holiday like our weekend so Thursday night is like Friday night or Saturday night for us. Yesterday the hour change as well Ramandan starts monday and it always changes the Thursday before Ramadan I guess no much sacrifice there since they cheat anyway with an hour....

Ramadan for them in a sense is like Christmas for us the girls would get gifts etc, however it would be sad because our Mio would be remember.
Today is Friday and here we are at home most likely we will go out later on with Samia is hard to go out with Gamila here since the streets are so crowd...I will keep on taking pictures...oh my arabic is improving I have being able to incorporate a few more words, Samia does not speak much arabic but she understands everything I have notice.

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Anonymous said...

We miss you guys!! Looks like you are having a lot of fun experiences!! It's so good that you are documenting them, for your girls to always have. I'm taking Addison and leaving for Atlanta in the morning, I think. Have you heard about the hurricane!! Anyways, We miss you and the girls!!