Sunday, August 3, 2008

Samia my alligator, Gamila the victim Mami con la Chancla

Today was a fun day full of running away from an alligator...I guess the alligators from yesterday had an effect on Samia today, Gamila was the prey today. I spend most of the day outside the house just with Samia since is so hard to carry my two bundles of joy around just judge by the pictures this is just with one I have to carry
Mickey, Minnie, Diaper bag with all kind of snacks juice sippy cup oh and carry Samia about 34 lbs.

When we arrived home my Samia became the alligator, she was playing with her little sister till she bite her check a couple of hours later and this how my Gamila's cheek looked:

Sorry Samia but baba had to punish you, however is so hard to do this, Is amazing how difficult t is to see your child cry specially knowing that you inflicted the pain, but like abuela always says We don't raise our children for us but for others, so sorry girls mami believes strongly on this.

Is not negotiable, well I should say one of the mmmaaaannnnyyyy things that are not going to be negotiable as time goes. Blame Abuela or like Samia calls her ABU!

Well Gamila was not the only prey in Samia's path today mami got bitten by my alligator...this time mami showed her the chancla. Apparently it worked because the rest of the afternoon and evening we were free from the roaming alligator...however is so hard to show the chancla to this face:

Today we spoke to Guido and Abu like we do everyday is funny how the excitment of Guido and Zetu is the sadness for Abu, Guido can not wait for us and Abu is sad because we are leaving, but she knows is going to be very good for Guido and Zetu. I can not wait to go.

Today I started figuring out how much formula I am going to need how much jar food I should take in the plane, how many changes of clothes, how I am going to pack everything in case we loose a luggage, what else I need to buy etc. etc.

Samia I think that as of today you would not have anymore accidents with your potty ACCIDENT FREE TODAY my big girl like you said. Although I am not sure what to do in the plane however I purchase this potty that folds and can be put in top of the a regular toilet and is Elmo characters so I think I should start using it at home so you are comfortable in the plane using it, although I am not too thrill of being in a plane bathroom with you not much room to maneuver. Well I guess I will learn from first hand experience soon!

Gamila today while I was chasing you around the house you found La Cartilla de Nacho, this is a book that is made in Colombia, I learn to write and read with this book. Abu and Abuelo used to sit with us and make us learn our vowels the alphabet and write them used them in words and sentences. Hopefully I can teach you girls to write spanish with this book. Abuelo send this book from Colombia when Samia was born (yeah girls Abuelo is very much into education, needless to say he was a great mathematician) so to him knowledge is the number one thing in this world. One of the things I admire the most from Abuelo is his knowledge there is not a subject in this world that he cannot talk about. He loves to read like your mami we will talk on the phone for hours and talk about books and writers, I wish one you girls would love to read and talk to mami about it. Too soon to tell, but I guess as a new mother this are things I will discover as they grow up, and perhaps I can guide them into reading but only time would tell!

Nenas when we were little back in Colombia the 5 of us used to do allot of traveling by car and I remember our games, each of us will pick the color of a car and count how many we saw and the one that counted the most would win, now days that is equivalent with Nintendo or DVD.
We used to ask many questions and I remember Abuelo always giving us the scientific explanation, he never gave us vague answers even if it took him hours explaining, (maybe that is why mami now goes inside a place and counts how many chairs, lights windows, etc there are, yes girls mami sometimes is loquita)
I remember abuelo would go to the supermarket with me and tell me okey we are going to play a game as they ring up the items in the register you are going to do it in your head and if your estimate is very close I will get you a bag of time has change so much.

Oh la mejor de todas nenas era cuando Abulo nos decia "Los voy a llevar a ver comer helado!!!(I know most likely the only ones that would understand this is Tio Cesar and Tio Mau ah and you girls I will play this joke with you many many times later on)

Girls always remember baba and mami love you dearly! Good night my girls!

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