Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Closer to our final destination

Yesterday was a good day for us, finally baba was told that on January 2009 he would be in his new store.  Not sure where our next stop would be, however I think we will stay in this new place for at least 5 years.  At this point it can be anywhere in the USA.  I am a little excited but a bit sad I have gotten to meet some very nice people down here in Baton Rouge, but as everything in life. The show has to continue (Girls you will learn this very early in life, life is a cycle).

This last two days have being a little bit of the usual at the Elashry's house, big girl like Samia likes to call her self this days since she potty's in the big toilet and baby like she calls Gamila so I get a bit of a big girl drama and a little bit of baby drama.

Gamila you are so different from Samia, when Samia was a baby she could sit in her high chair, her swing, her bouncy chair and be happy, on the other hand you want me to carry you or be next to you in whatever activity you are into Oh except when you decided to take a get away to the bathroom to eat the garbage:

Yesterday baba and mami bought some clothes for our princesas, yes this is something we really enjoy doing Shopping for the two of you, especially now that you guys are little mami loves to dress you alike I figure I should enjoy it now later on I would not be allow to do so.
Samia you have a love for sunglasses or shades (how they call it on the south) well it looks like our GAmila is following her sisters footsteps already.
Girls always remember to be yourselves believe in yourselves, follow your instincts.  To be cool is not necessary to follow a crowd, sometimes being outside the crowd is being cool.  Always respect each other and don't be afraid to tell each other what you think, Samia don't judge Gamila and GAmila don't judge Samia, listen to each other advice each other.  Girls try not to judge others, everybody has a reason of why they act a certain way.  In life we don't always have to agree with everything that happens around us.  
Samia listen to Gamila take her opinion in consideration the fact that she is younger does not mean she does not know.  Gamila listen to Samia always take her opinion in consideration.  Always remember to the outside world you two have to defend each other like lions.  Always remember like Mami was with your tio Mau and Cesar. (I know I am talking to much but my love for the two of you is so big that I am not sure if a lifetime is going to be enough time to express it)
Talk to each other be truthful to each other and don't let anybody get between your relationship, always remember this is a sacred relationship always remember this images:

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