Saturday, August 2, 2008

Alligators, Water, Trees, Lousiana Bayou!

Today we went with the Azadan's to the Alligator Bayou.  Samia and Alexandra had so much fun, although it was very warm it was worth it. 

The day started early we meet our friends around 9 o'clock well that is after Samia kept on saying Alexandra Alexandra in the car the whole time we were driving to the Bayou...(is hard to believe that so close to our home there is such a nice place full of wildlife) Thank God we don't live so close to it...I would not want to wake up with a gator in patio.

The girls like always enjoy themselves.  Gamila your baba carried you most of the time in the hammock, eveything has to be said you were a trooper with little Samantha it was so hot and you two were great. 
(Thanks Bonnie for the pic with close eyes) u know I love you!
Samia and Alexandra enjoy looking at the animals and looking for each other. Samia you were brave touching the animals I was so proud of you.

Poor baba not only did he had to carry Gamila all the time SAmia you also wanted to be carry so imagine on one side we have GAmila maybe 19 pounds and on the other end we have Samia 33 pounds wow baba lifting weight under 100 degree weather...poor baba not only he is not in the mood for this adventures but then he had to work.  Baba you are a great one!!!

(Anectota para mi amiga Bonnie mi amiguita del alma se le olvida sacar la media del zapato de mi Alexandra mi pedacito de gente se empieza a quejar por el zapato...y nosotros le decimos no nena no molestes, despues mi amiguita Bonnie decide sacarle el zapato y que encontramos la media al final...Alexandra cuando seas grande te reiras de esto con Samia (Espero que sean amigas toda la vida)
Our friend Shirley came with us as well she was so brave carrying an alligator not me I would not carry it even if them paid me.  By this times you guys were a bit tired already I guess Alexandra has to play with Samia's hair.  Samia you tend to play with your hair while you suck your index finger...hopefull you stop sucking your  finger soon!          Gamila you too suck your finger, my two girls suck their finger 
Milo you love getting love from everybody You just love it when Alexandra hugs you and kisses you..My little spoil brat.    
17 days left for Egypt....guido and zetu I can not wait to be over there we miss you the girls want to hug you and kiss you Inshalla!!! Soon!

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