Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Random day, Random Thoughts,

Crazy day since the early hours....for a change Gamila slept till 8:30 AM, but of course Samiuta decided to sleep in the bed with mami last night. Early morning we are trying to do some work for baba's job and the princess decided to scream ask for food so poor baba had to dictate me the project and feed the two starving girls, I think it was a just a moment of attention junkies.

Oh Gamila you are starting to stand up, apparently the zebra is the perfect place for you to stand up and hang on to it, hopefully Samia does not decided to ride it while you are using it as your cane!!!! Oh my baby is getting big.

Okey I see my trip coming closer and closer I guess I am full of thoughts some of fear some of happiness....Is funny after you become a mom and girls one day you will understand this the day you become moms yourselves, a mami does not think about her I only think about you girls and specially Samia since she is a bit bigger than Gamila.

I worry how the mood is going to be in Egypt.
Would they be crying all the time?
Could we laugh? is just a mixture of uncertainty I just have found out that with a toddle there is not time for mourning. I just don't want for Samia to have to see Zettu, Suzzu crying all the time. Hopefully the moment they see the girls they can cheer up a little bit, however I can not begin to imagine the pain they must be going thru just thinking about it makes my heart ache. Please Andres Felipe (a little brother mami had that die) and Mio take care of my girls please protect them. Girls mami always believe in angels and since Andres Felipe die I have always thought of him as my angel and since the day the two of you were born I asked him to start protecting my Samia and my Gamila now I have ask Mio to also become the angel of my two princesas.

Since yesterday we did not go out we figure Samia needed to go out so we took her to a small botanical garden here in Baton Rouge, the weather was hot but we had fun, mami got to use her camera and take pictures of her princesas. Samia you were annoyed at the gravel, sometimes you remind me of Monk (a series that your baba loves to watch now days, most likely by the time you read this it would be an oldie)

Lately Milo you want to be with baba all the time, you go crazy when you see him and want to jump of my arms, while SAmia you want to be with mami all the time even if that means pushing Gamila to the side when you see her coming close to me.

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