Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Youm Tanny, Another Day, Otro Dia

My arabic is not that good but I try since Samia knows how to say Tanny I figure I should start using it much more. Girls I can not wait till you guys become fluent in arabic so you can teach me. Today we stayed home trying to save money for the trip plus is so hot outside, however the girls were able to enjoy their indoor pool. Who said that in an apartment you can not have a pool! A few weeks back I was tired of going to friends pools, so I meausure the balcony and was able to find a pool for the girls.

I love it, is so much easier for me I dont have to be in the 100 degree temperature while they enjoy the water. Gamila you love it you can spend your whole day outhere however mami has to be checking you all the time since you think you know how to swim. Samia you are more careful! Gracias a Dios.

I continue with my photography mood, poor girls they are tired of me taking pictures of them. Although I know that when you get old you are going to thank me. I have hundreds and hundreds of pictures of when I was growing up, thanks to tio Cesar I have them all scanned!!!! I guess I should post some maybe people can start saying Samia looks like me. Here it goes a few pictues of me as a child, I dont' have any of Yehia hopefully when I go to Egypt I can take some out and scan them so I can post them!

I think I look so much like my Samia, well let's see what happens when she gets bigger....Gamila on the other hand is hard to tell I personally think she has my brothers big eyes the color is definatly not mami's or baba's. Abuela has beautiful green eyes, Zetu has nice yellow eyes and Suzzu has blue eyes so I guess that is were they come from.

Here are some of the nice pictures I took today of course in the pool, lunch time wich always have to be at the same time for the two girls or else Samia wants to eat Gamilas food or Gamila cries because Samia is eating and she has nothing in her mouth....can that girl eat!!!!
I love this picture, Yehia had to go and get allergy medicine so I decided to wait for him outside and have Samia played witht he Wardas's like she calls them in arabic.
Here is my Gamila reading a book...I guess is a good picture to show her how much she loved to read since such an early age
Here is lunch time...
The other night I was thinking if the girls ask me one day, Why did you took so many pictures of us together? I will tell them I want to show the two of you how close you have being all of your lives, and this is how you always have to be. Samia and Gamila perhaps is too early to tell you this but always remember the only relationship that last a life time is the one with your sister.....Mami and Baba one day are going to pass away and the only thing you have left is your sister...so therefore always treasure her she is a part of you from the beginning always take care of each other!!!

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