Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Fun!

Beggining of the week however when one is a SAHM monday, tuesday etc is all the same. It was so hard to get used to that concept but 2 years later I am used to it now!

my letter 0 is n0t w0rking s0 I am using the zer0 0

T0day we went t0 the p00l f0r th0se 0f y0u that d0 n0t live in Bat0n R0uge the heat in this city is HORRIBLE!!!!!!! Going to the pool with 2 children is not an easy thing, that is why help is always needed.
Samia for some reason you fear the pool a little bit, I am not sure if it just a phase; however with Gamila in the picture is easier for mami, this way I have you close to me most of the time. Gamila loves being outside, Milo you don't sleep you love being on the run!!!!
Oh and Milo you are crawling, today at the pool you wanted to crawl in that steaming hot floor.

This letter 0 is driving me crazy n0w is n0t w0rking againg!

In 30 days we will be flying t0 Egypt I cann0t believe is alm0st here! Everyday we talk t0 Guid0 and t0 0ur sadness Mi0 is the same. I am h0ping she gets better s00n s0 Samia and Gamila can play with their aunt, I kn0w she w0uld enj0y them s0 much.

As y0u can see by the pics Mami is enj0ying her camera s0 much, thanks Baba it was a great investment!!! I even had a m0del t0day my small Samantha played as my m0del!!

She was s0 g00d, even in the heat she let me change her a c0uple 0f times, Mil0 that is yu0ur playing partner in a c0uples 0f m0nths!!!!

Alexandra and Samia played all the time!

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