Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weird, funny miscellaneous!!!

For those of you that know me well, know that I have a very good sense of humor (okey Anamaria please be humble) That is one of the traits I want my girls to learn...So Samia and Gamila be humble it pays off much more than being OSTENTOSAS (I was planning on going to a website to translate this word, since it only comes out in spanish for me, but I decided that it would be better to add a translator to the blog incase if anytime my readers need it)!!!! I know mami and her crazy ideas, poor Yehia he has to deal with them daily.

Okey so I have a few funny and weird things:

A few weeks back we were at the mall and there was this ENANO (another spanish word) walking toward us, I immediatly started to observe Samia I wanted to know how she would react...I was so impress she did not stop looking at him from top to bottom even when he was behind us she was trying to follow him turning in her stroller. As some of you already know my Samia is a very observant little girl, at times she is too much.
When I got home I started to ask myself I want to see her face when we get out of the airport in Cairo and she sees the vast majority of the woman cover. I am going to try my best to capture her expressions in camera. Yehia thinks it would be at the beginning she is going to be like what the heck is going on, but after a while she would be like if nothing!!!

Coffee Coffee Coffee not sure if is a Colombian thing or just a habit so I can not live without my cuban coffee in the morning!!!! So Yehia tells me the other day what are you planning to do drink tea with them for the two months you are in Egypt ....and I tell him are you insane I already have my Bustelo and my coffemaker pack.

Not sure if any of you would know but Ramadan is the holy month for Islam so lucky enough it starts around September 1st this year meaning I will be there the whole month. The girls are not suppose to do it, children are exempt. Yehia is going to do it. They are not suppose to drink or eat from when the sun comes out till the sun goes I am all worry there is not way that without any air conditioner in temperatures of 100 degrees I can go the whole day without drinking...(although I know that I am not expected to do it, nor have I ever done it in the past 6 years we have being together) so I ask Yehia the other day can I hide and eat and drink, and of course he burst out laughing...NO NO mistika you can eat and drink as much as you want during the day come on!!! (maybe is IGNORANCIA from my part but I just want to be polite) That would be funny me in vacation hidding to eat and drink NO PUES QUE VAINA TAN JODIDA (not sure if you could translate this)

Will go for now I will try to post some funny pictures from today!!!! and I have a surprise about my Gamila!!!!

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