Thursday, July 24, 2008

Standing in the crib!!! What it that? I WANT

Today was a bussy day the girls were not that easy but I discover something that made my whole day. This picture is Samia exactly on 11/06/06, it was taken in Augusta, GA I still remember we had just put her down to sleep and she kept on talking and laughing, so baba and mami decided to check out her room and what did we find Samia standing in her bed, it was the first time.
She looked adorable! Yehia and I were so excited to see our little one standing in her crib.
After having a difficult day with Gamila of her not sleeping I decided to put her in the crib and I could hear her talk and ramble away so I decided to take a look and what do I find her doing trying to stand up in her crib. Exaclty 8 months of age like her sister Samia.....once again is one of those moments I would never forget!
Not only is she standing on her crib all the time she is crawling around the whole house, Samia is so sweet trying to bring her toys close. Well finally Samia completly became nice to the journey of 8 months. Samia has:

  • Stuff her mouth with wipes

  • Jump in top of her

  • Put a pillow in top of Gamila and sat in top of her

  • Scratch her face

  • Put things in her mouth that she is not suppose to have

  • Steal Gamila's treats to eat
This are a few of the things Samia has done to Gamila well I don't think she was really sure of what she was doing with that face of Samia is hard to be mad at her
My day also goes something like this What that mami at everything she sees or if not she is I Want McDonalds, I want cookie, I want Walmart, I want TArget, I want tete, I want maia ....and all of these is at the same time she wants everything at the same time. Her whole day is I want I want I want....and mami is like okey when we go home, later , when baba gets home, tomorrow etc etc etc....I can not stay quite if not she starts to whine......hopefully this gets under control or else she is goint to be seeing alot of chancla (my secret weapon)

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