Thursday, July 31, 2008

To do list in 2062 !Comet Haley!

Once again one of your mami's crazy request.

Back in 1986 we were new in Miami and I remember comet Haley was coming so in our elementary school in Miami Beach they planned for it and teached tio Mauricio and mami about it and even had us out and look at it from the gardens in the school.
The part that captivated us the most was the fact that it only passes every 75 years tio and mami right away said that since most likely we would not be around we will tell our children to be in the lookout for it, and remember that the last time this comet showed up tio Mau and mami were looking at it and they were little kids in a foreign land, with a foreing language. 

So Samia you will be around 56 years old Gamila you will be 55 I think you guys would be enough to remember it. If any of you have children I will really loved if one of you will tell your children to tell their children and so forth something like a tradition. 
I will remind you about this later on as times goes you girls muackk muackk  kissess!!!

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