Thursday, July 31, 2008

Anniversary Ana Bahabeck Habibi te amo pollito!

Today we have being marry for 5 years!   I have love every moment of it of course we have had our ups and downs New York was great however towards the end girls it was not easy...South Carolina the best time....Georgia my Samia we grew as a couple alot there......Lousiana my Gamila our family grew and here we are enjoying our life.

This past couple of days I have learn to deal with the girls and be there for Yehia in such a difficult time, but girls be very proud of your baba he has held strong I know Mio would had wanted that...She was very proud of her little brother Yehia!

Samia and Gamila always remember to admire the life as it comes never doubt for one instance what God has send your way...God only sends you what he knows you can handle.  Dios cierra una puerta pero abre una ventana. 

Today we went to our last music class after we went to the mall with our friends.

Then home Samia you bit your sisters fingers today.  had to take a break but now I am back...

I put Samia to sleep about 20 minutes ago a few minutes ago I heard the television in the living room and who is sitting down watching television my little Samia my sneeky girl, I just put you down to sleep againg hopefully I don't hear a tv or you next to my bed saying "Buenos Dias" although I have to tell you I love sleeping next to you.

I love when you hub me and kiss me and tell me I love you.  Oh Samia lately the only thing you say is "Yeah" when it comes to responding I am trying to teach you "Si senora".

Oh my Samia I forgot to tell you yesterday mami decided to take off your pulls up when we go out, yesterday you were great today after being dry at the mall for most of the day when we went to the Disney Store and you started to run ....pipi pipi in your panties, pants and shoes...Well I guess I am going to have many accidents...

However princess I am so proud of you most of the girls your age still use pampers.

OH like I always cheer for you

A la vio a la vao a la bimbon Samia SAmia Samia RA RA RA!!!

Oh Samia you love this song

Asserin Asseran

Los Maderos de San Juan

Los de Juan comen Pan

Los de Pedro comen Queso

Los de Enrique comen Nique


I love you girls!!

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