Sunday, July 20, 2008

My New Camera!!

It was not easy convincing Yehia for the camera since he is not much into photography, well I was not into it, till I had my Samia and Gamila. After Yehia did all of his research he called every electronic store, went online to check every electronic website. He finally got it, and only like baba would do he got them to match the price etc, etc, etc. I have never met someone that is so good at bargaining the price.

The weekend was a bit busy, on Saturday we stayed home cleaning and cleaning and folding clothes while my Samia would throw it all over the place. After baba came home Samia and mami went out and baba stayed with his big eye girl Gamila, lately they are buddies wanting to hang out all the time. We went to Walmart grocery shopping and for some reason SAmia has learn about Hanna Montana however she says something like Hanna any little flower in her shirt or jean is Hanna Montana for her. How can a 2 year old know about Hanna Montana? Not quite sure still trying to figure it out, I think it all started with her asking me in one store WHAT THAT? I answer Hanna Montana and now everything is Hanna Montana.

Samia, lately you say things that make me laugh so hard. After putting you down to bed on Saturday night 10 minutes later you show up in our room and you tell baba Good Morning! What could baba and mami do laugh and laugh you had just gone down to sleep.
Sunday we went to a party, I am not sure how much fun Samia had you were kind of shy on the other hand Gamila had the time of her life ate, crawl and like always just had plain fun. Mami on the other hand was so hot and sweat so much, but I guess those sacrifices are nothing just to see you guys happy!

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