Friday, July 25, 2008

Indoor pool, Quiet House, Crawling race, Baking!!!! UFF

Carson came over today with his mom! Samia and Carson are the same age born a few days apart...they can be the best friends sometimes that is into Mr. Carson pulls one of his moves and then Miss. Samia cry baby starts crying like there is no tomorrow or she would say something like "Be nice Carson" Overall they get along very well judge by the pictures

After Carson left I was hoping Samia would take a nap since the night before had not being an easy one with Gamila...and Gamila baby I am sorry but last night you fell off the bed Yes your first woke up very early something like 4 AM so mami was so tired she put you in the bed with us. You were sleeping fine at around 6 AM baba went to walk Siwa I guess he was half asleep and seeing you asleep figure she is not going to move. Little did we know that you woke up and roll of the bed...yes I woke up screaming when I heard the BUMP....I get up the bed running and you are laying on your back crying...oh poor thing but I carry you and you were fine....(so do not blame that fall later on, for some bad grades!!!it was minor no damage)

Samia I guess I should take this chance to tell you that you fell of the bed as well...and now remembering you were about the same age as Gamila and you fell off the bed on the same side as Gamila. With you it was a bit different baba and mami were sleeping in the bed you were in the middle of us and I am not sure how it happened when we woke up you were crying laying on your side on the carpet. Baba and mami had a terrible cold and we had taken cold medicine I guess it knock us out, you must had climb over baba and BUMP off the bed you went.

Okey let me get back to the day events, so the house is all quite Gamila is sleeping and Samia is very quite and what do I find this:


here is no way I can be made at Samia with that laught that is just not possible, I am not sure how she gets up there but I can guareentee you she has a hard time getting off, look at her face in the pictures, I had to get her off and explain to her not too climb etc etc etc.

Now Gamila is crawling all the time so Samia had decided to join her and they race:

Samia is also into baking mami made some banana bread she help me mix the ingredients I forgot to take pictures however I did take video of her eating her muffins...I think that is the part she loves the most.

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