Monday, July 7, 2008

Samia's World!!!

I am not sure how to start this, since I don't want to sound like a bragging mom (no pues! mi hija es un genio (Anamaria bajate de esa nube).

I guess I am not sure what a 2 year old and 4 months should do but it cracks me up to listen to my Samia's remarks. A few weeks back I got a night guard from my dentist (as some of you might know is not cheap), being something different Samia is in love with the thing I have to hide it all over the house. So I decided to talk to her and tell her (Samia esto es CARO le costo mucho a tu mami asi que no es un juguete) Samia this is expensive, so therefore is not a toy. Today out of the blue she found the little box I keep it in, she came running to me and of course at that moment I am about to scream NO Samia but even before I could open my mouth she goes Mami es CARO cost me hundred dollar!!!! Where in the world did she learn hundred dolllar and how can she relate CARO to money.

Like a SAM we have play dates today Samia had one of her favorites friend Alexandra that for some reason calls me LOCA (crazy) well they say children don't lie.......

I love seeing Samia and Alexandra interact they just do it so well even though there is a few months difference in age they really love to play and of course they do their share of fighting for Daysi (poor Mrs. Daysi) or for their sippy cups, but I guess is the art of having friends at the age were their favorite word is MINE MINE.

Gamila does not interact much at this age she is just the guinea pig among toddlers but I think she really enjoys having 4 fingers poking her eyes or having 4 hands putting hats and taking them off, she just loves the attention (hopefully she outgrows that or else la chancla is going to meet her many times).

Oh there are so many stories this also a good one! For some of the ones that don't know yet Samia is half potty trained she does not wear pampers at home only pull ups when we go out and even then she tells me sometimes when she has to pipi. However most of the time she forgets and wets her pull up. Today I asked her, Samia pipi? and she said No mami! and then out of the blue she said I Hold it! I am not quite sure she knows what she is telling me, I guess I will put it into action next time we are out!

To top off my wonderful day around my Samia night time was different this particular night she decided she wanted to sleep in the queen bed in her room! Yehia and I tried to convince her to sleep in her crib we even took the bar out but no she insisted on sleeping in her queen bed and me as a nervous mom afraid of her falling decided this was the safest way she could sleep in a grown up bed without me.

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Monica Clavijo said...

These little girls are blessings to your home. After all the hard work that you and Yehia had to endure and the family for that matter, it was all well worth it at the end. So yes, this is a cloud that your on and will be on for the filled joys and memories that these two little precious girls will bring you both. I think that this blog that you have going for their future is an awesome idea. Your a great mother.