Friday, July 4, 2008

News of the World

I though that it would be good to write a little bit about the world and it is affair, perhaps one day Samia and Gamila would read this and see what their parents were passionated about. I follow alot of the news back home so like the whole world might know Ingrid Bentacourt was released. She was an important figure of Colombia's politic that was kidnapped in 2002 and spend 6 years in the jungle. She was kept by the FARC a revolutionary movement of Colombia that since I can remember they have being around. (I will try to post something about an encounter my family and I had with the guerrilla, I know Cesar y Mao would get a kick out of it)

Knowing my country I can imagine the streets were filled with cars people honking screaming and most important dancing singing and drinking ( this is the way we celebrate things in Colombia) Con ganas!!!!!
The economy is scary this days everything goes up by the minute I guess we all have to thank the Petroleum for this. Something I can not comprehend is why in countries like Brazil and Colombia that are 3rd world countries they can use ethanol to fuel their cars. Why here in the USA is not available, well I should rephrase yes it is available I can buy a flex-fuel car however I will have to be willing to spend an extra 5K and not only that there are not many gas stations that offer Ethanol. This really leaves me speechless!!!!!! For instance I know that in Colombia were most of the cars are old you just go to the mechanic and he installs a part in your old up car to make it run with Ethanol why we can not do this here???
I try to follow some of Egypt news but really there is not much happening there this days, I guess all the news in that part of the world are just referring to Hamas and Israel. That is a conflict that to this day I can not understand. The only thing I do know is that to much hate has being shared for many decades hard to convert all of that hate for Peace, but hope is something one should never loose so it might be possible one day, maybe I can live to see it if not I will surely tell my girls to follow it for me even when I am long gone.
Time to go now duty called in the Elashry Elbit (casa, home)!!!!

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