Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Reading update 1

I have always loved to read! I have try my best to incorporate the reading around the two girls. I try to read in spanish most of the time whoever is not always easy to find the titles here. I will try to update everyonce in a while what I am up to reading this days! Girls this way one day when I am old you guys can know what mami used to read whenever she had a chance. (I really hope you guys like to read like I though at least one of you)

The last couple of week:

Eat, Pray, Love Not even worth buying it did not care for it boring and drag on too much.

Water for Elephants Not a good choice neither! Ended up in a book exchange group.

A Thousand Splendid Suns Worth every penny, I had read his first book the Kite Runner and subquently watch the movie, great write it transports to Afghanistan.

Mira Si Yo Te Querre This is a book by a spanierd writer I really a flow fast book one of those books you want to finish on one night.

The Space Between Us I really enjoyed this book, is the first time I had read this author but I am about to purchase her other books.

El Desbarrancadero Currently reading and so far so good!

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