Friday, July 11, 2008

Samia's and Gamila's Favorites July 2008

Samia I though it would be a good idea to keep track of your favorite movies, cartoons, books, toys etc. Maybe when you guys get older and read this you will say OMG! how did we like silly Caillou!!!!


My biggest question where is their mother!
Silly Silly!
Enjoy her show, although it drags on!
I really enjoy his show love his animals and the music!

I love the way you dance to them!

You love this movie and mami too!
Well you love Elmo for while now, everything about him his books, his movies your bathing suit and of course the one you carry all over the place.
Lately you have also carry your Daisy all over the place.


  • You love to put things in your mouth
  • You love taking your sister toys and putting them in your mouth
  • You love playing with the Elmo book!
  • Oh and about to crawl!!!

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