Friday, July 11, 2008

Little Blueberry Pickers!

A group of us decided to take our little pickers on their first blueberry picking. The morning started early since the farm we had chosen was a bit far, after driving for a while on a hot and sticky July day we finally arrived at the farm.
Our little pickers were ready for the adventure (I personally think they were more prepared than us). Off the car they go with hats on and of course bucket in their little hands. The three little pickers set foot on the blueberry field. I think they were a bit disoriented that is, into they got hold of the first blueberry. And they did their first blueberry tasting. After this their little hands were all over those bushes grabbing the blueberries at times going straight into the bucket or straight into their little mouths.

Even Samantha and Gamila got to experience first hand the blueberry expedition. Samantha was facing forward the field at all times mommy was carrying her in the pouch (that is how I called those modern carriers). Gamila got to sit on the hammock at all times (a baby hammock carrier again one of those modern gadgets moms have now days). At times Gamila would help mommy get some blueberries by grabbing onto the bushes.
After being in the field for a while and having gather about a full bucket of blueberries, our little pickers were hot and sweaty decided to head back to the car and refresh our little ones!!!!

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