Thursday, July 10, 2008

Reminces of arriving in the USA

Samia y Gamila:

Mami came to this country back in 1985, not much saying I had on this choice. Your abuelo and abuela were the ones that came up with this great idea. They decided to move the whole family to Miami. We moved to Miami Beach what is now called South Beach, however back then the only thing you saw were senior citizens.
I loved it there we used to live 3 blocks from the beach so Tio Mao and I will walk to school then run home and change to our bathing suits and hit the beach. Abuela and Abuelo used to come and drags us out of the beach (by the way if you guys read this when you are 12 or 13 years old don't even think you guys can go to the beach alone) NO way on earth and the You did it why we can not do it won't work!!!!!
We moved to many places in Miami, things were not easy for the Abuelos but with allot of work they made it till we finally moved to a very nice house small but much better than living in a one bedroom apartment for the 5 of us.

When we move to Miami none of us did spoke english. I remember memorizing the numbers and the colors in one night, and every time I will get frustrated because I did not speak english people would always say you are a kid you will learn in no time. Well I learn fast but after 23 years of being here I am still learning so I guess I will die learning english, I guess that is the price you paid with a second language that was not introduce to you at birth. Nenas, always be thankful that you were introduced to the languages since the day you were born. Baba and mami are trying and would always try to make the three languages a smooth process, at times I feel I might confuse you guys but I know in the long run you guys are going to appreciated it. (OH specially when you guys can speak between you two and nobody understands!) I know I should not be saying that but is hard not to I still enjoy doing that and am already 33.

Okey I got off track there let's go back to arriving in the USA. Here is an anecdote of arriving in the US and not speaking the language:
A few weeks after arriving we purchase our first car barely fit the 5 of us but it drove us around. We had to visit a lady that had arrived from Colombia before us she had given us her address and we knew she was the housekeeper at some lady's house. When she gave your abuelos the address they copied it down and off we were in our journey of finding an address. I remember my dad had bought a bouquet of flowers. After driving for a while and hearing your abuelos fight about the address we had finally arrived at "Colonial Drive" we got off and knock at the door with our bouquet a very nice blonde lady open the door for us. We just walked in and sat down she follow us and I remember she was trying to say something we figure she was telling us that our friend was coming. I remember she took the flowers and kept on asking us something and even brought out some refreshments. In the meanwhile my dad kept on asking her where is Liloy our friend the lady kept on saying No NO! Then I remember my dad and my mom going !Oh we are in the wrong house. So my mom show the lady the address and the lady said NO NO this Colonial Place no Drive. At that point my dad learn the difference between Drive and Place for some reason in Florida is common to have the same street name with Drive, Place, Terrace etc. Ups I guess this was too much for 5 immigrants from Colombia. Oh I guess I should also tell you guys that Abuelo knew money was short so he kept on telling Abuela Ask her back for the flowers, I spend $3.00 on them!!!! only Abuelo would make a remark like that!!!!!!
As time passes I will include more of our anecdotes.

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