Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Samia, Gamila fill the world

Nobody said life is easy...hard to mourn when you have Samia and Gamila around.  Samia you are only 2 and the few times you have seen baba or mami cry you say "No cry " it just breaks my heart.  Today I I took you to play with some friends my Samia, however you were not yourself I guess you feel that things are just not right.  You saw your good friend Alexandra and the only thing you said was "NO, NO" whenever the kids were playing rough.

Gamila on the other hand you were bussy eating away, Boy can you eat! Now you have your 2 bottom teeth and there are another 2 coming on the top.  One thing I have to say you did not suffer from the diarreah that your poor sister suffer everytime she teeth.

Samia now you want to play dress up, you wanted to put your halloween costume from last year Tinkerbell..a bit small on you but it made you happy.

I think I am going to start buying some dresses of princess for dress up time.  I don't think they had those things back home in my time, I think the only dress up I did as a baby was putting on Abuela's clothes.

Bath time like always is fun, Milo you scared me, you want to splash and dive in the tub, not sure what you think my little mermaid.

But not everything is perfect sometimes mami gets a little bit of these

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