Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mio, Amira, Hayeti, Habibi, Warda, Shams, Sister, Friend, is Gone!!!!!

Mio my mio my Amira left us....the news that I wish would had never made it our way came Mio like my Samia says left us...when, where, how  is not important only that she is in our memory vivid....Girls you never got to meet her but from the few times I saw her and the many times we talk for hours and hours she was SPECIAL no words to describe her:

Beautiful, sweet, funny, caring, loving, naive, too too many things to say I will write for you girls as the years go all of the thing we did together.

Samia she never met you did not even get the chance to hold you but she loved you too too much, she used to say that you were her daughter....you never met her but you recognized her voice on the phone, in the computer, when you were little you will see a computer and say "mami mio mio".  Now the pain is too much to keep on writting but I will make sure to write more later on so you can get to meet her thru us. 

Baba is pain, but one day he will tell you all the beautiful things that he did with his Amura like we will call her at times.

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