Wednesday, July 30, 2008


 Today was not easy, is surreal to know that she is not with us.  The only upbeat minute is when we call Egypt and Zetu comes on the phone well in the computer so is in speaker and when Samia hears Zetu voice she say MIO MIO MIO, it makes us feel she still alive.

Guido and Zetu are very sad; however they can not wait for the girls to arrive knowing they are all alone now makes me want to put fast foward on the days so we can be in Egypt soon soon.

You know girls Mio was very funny she loved clothes and cell phones (yes cell phones she always had the latest ones and love them enjoy them to the fullest) it was a pleasure to see her with her cell phones I loved the fact that we gave her so many of the the latest in the market in Egypt...oh my she was just a bright bright light Helwa awy my mio, ana wahashtiny aktar enti shookik Samia and Gamila alatoul.

Mio teach me and introduced me to egyptian food did we have fun cooking :

Girls when you eat my mashy it was Mio the one who showed me how to make them....

New york Summer of 2003 hot hot hot no central air Astoria Queen 2nd the middle of the kitchen in my small IKEA table after much preparation:





Cut  everything girls don't ever do it the easy way like I used to do it in the chopper, Mio would say NO MISTIKA don't used that let's cut it...she was just great.

After cutting everything wash the white rice then mix everything with the wash rice add salt and pepper.

Then take the grape leaves out.

Put the leave flat in the table and put a little bit of the rice mixture in the middle and then fold it....This was the best part I wanted to make them big as big as the leave....Mio goes NO MISTIKA small I say NO MIO I like them we agree Suzzu and Mistika make big mashy and Zetu and Mio make small mashy.

For those that don't know what mashy is this is what it looks like

Gamila you drive mami and baba crazy I guess we were a bit spoiled with Samia.

Milo you want to be all over the place cables in your mouth, nails, oh and can you scream...poor Samia must think you are a crazy baby, but when those big blue eyes with those long long curl eyelashes look at baba or mami you just melt us....Milo when I was a teenager I always used to curl my eyelashes I wanted to have long eyelashes like yours...Diosito was so good that gave me you with those eyelashes.

Samia those dimples you have are just like your tio Mauricio well the one in your cheeck the one below your eye that I am not sure where it came from, but those dimples melt baba and mami.

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