Sunday, July 13, 2008

Preparing for Egypt!!!

We are currently planning our trip to Egypt, I really wish it was an 100% leisure trip, but unfortunately Mio is not doing well is almost 3 months and she still in the hospital. Not really know what is going on with her but hopefully on August 22 we will find out.
Yehia and I had planned to visit Egypt but not this year we were planning more for the Spring of 2009, Samia would be 3 years and Gamila 1 year old, but we planned and God has his plan.
I will be staying till October 6th, we figure that Guido and Zetu would really enjoy the girls and give them a bit of distraction, since this past months have being very difficult for them.
YEhia is very excited it is almost 7 years he has not seeing his mom or Suzzu!!
This would be the first time Suzzu and Zetu would see Samia and Gamila!
Guido would also meet Gamila for the first time!
They are very excited about the girls going, they are preparing for their arrival by buying them new clothes, getting Samia a potty and so forth.

First it took us a while to get Yehia's passport, then our passports, then finding a direct flight from New York to Cairo. Since I will be flying back by myself with the girls (I am a bit nervous about this but I figure I will survive).
Then come times to start gathering everything I have to take, I have being to Egypt a couple of times by myself but I never though that with the two girls I have to take so much stuff.

My list looks something like this:
Sunscreen Protector
Tylenol Infant and Children
Nail Clipper
ETC ETC ETC ETC!!!!!!! And it keeps growing and growing!

Yehia and I had also talked that the first time we visit Egypt together we would go to Siwa this is an oasis in the middle of the dessert close to the border with Libya. I was a bit shy of bringing it up since I know Mio is sick, however Yehia gave me the surprise that he had already made reservations for us. We will be there for about 4 days. I am so excited about this I have never being in the desert in a safari, nevertheless sleeping in the desert at night!!!!

However the only part that has me a bit worry is that I have never being away from the girls, but I know they would be okey with Guido and Zetu!

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