Saturday, July 12, 2008

Music Class

Currently you are in music class, and from doing our share of Little Gym, Swimming I will say Music is your favorite. At the beginning I was a bit hesitant since the classes are offer in an apartment, but after meeting the teacher and seeing how much you enjoy the class, I realize this was a hit with you.

You are so good in your class Samia you tried to follow the teacher and if not you are dancing and playing with your friends Oliva and Alexandra. Something that I really enjoy is the interaction you get with different tunes and different instruments. (Mommy dreams that you will want to play the violin, Inshallah! one day) (If it was up to baba you will own a violin at the age of 2) .

You love to dance whenever Mrs. Sonia dances with you guys, oh but I think the part you love the most is the toy room after class. We will have to miss next session because we will be going to Egypt, but after our return we will back to Mrs. Sonia's music class but this time Gamila would join us.

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