Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A little bit of everybody Baba, Mao!!!

Not much going on this days, I will say a little more of the routine. Baba work and work, however this week he has being getting in touch with some of his old buddies in Egypt, (well I should said all over the world). He is so happy to talk to some of his college friends. We were lucky enough to get some pictures from his old days!


Like always baba is always looking away from the camera, at home my parents always tease him The Model! I guess by seeing this old picture we can confirm Baba is photo phobic!!!! Hopefully by the day the girls get marry you have overcome your photo shyness! I guess we have a few decades to work on this (fingers cross).

Today I took Samia for a haircut much needed. I guess it had to do with shaving your head. I will add a post about this shortly oh Samia don't worry you were not the only one shaved baba decided to shave Gamila's as well!

Oh girls also tio Mao had a scared this week, I figure I should tell you guys this story so you will learn a little bit and maybe used this as an enzenansa for your days as adults.

Tio Mao a couple of years ago when the famous Laser surgery for the eyes came out, he did it right after it come out, and of course being tio he got it for free he did some advertising for the doctor that was opening a clinic in Miami. Knowing him he proposed something like if I am going to offer a service and advertise it I might as well get a taste of it. Surely enough he got it done and there was not need for him to use glasses. As the years have past to be exact something like 8 years, recently he started feeling that the light would bother him allot so he decided to visit the ophthalmologist.

The Dr. told him his left eyes seem weird it was not level and she suspected there was something behind the eye, she even mention a tumor UFF UFF did we get scared!!!

Well thank God when he went for further test they found out that the surgery had moved his cornea, apparently not enough test had being done and the surgery on the long run interfere with the cornea!!! So lesson, please read inform yourselves when something new comes out, please allow a trial period or better off LISTEN TO MAMI OR BABA (hopefully we are around then)

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