Friday, July 4, 2008

June 2008

Gamila is already 7 months time flies she is so much bigger, she already has her two bottom tooth, she is very active and hates to sleep. She loves to be around Samia all of the time. Samia is already two very active and friendly she goes to music class and she absolutely loves. This month we go out almost every day either to a play date or the pool. Samia is talking allot and is so funny to her speak she uses the three languages which is amazing. I have also notice lately that she knows she has to speak spanish to mami and arabic to baba. She has many friends from her playdates. I have no complains from her she listens very well is very observant and overall is a pleasure to be around. She says I love you mami and I love you too. She knows to count her numbers to 10 in spanish, arabic and english is amazing how much she remembers. Oh she also learn to say her full name and if you ask her where her Abuela and Nono are she will tell you Miami and if you ask her where Guido is she will say Masry......speaking of Masry (Egypt) things have being a bit rocky over there. Mio (Amira has being in the hospital for over 3 months) On another note we will leaving to Egypt on the 21st of August. I am excited but a bit worry for the girls and also for Mio.

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