Sunday, October 1, 2006

Lousiana 2006

On August 2006 one more time we were relocated this time to Baton Rouge, LA. A place hard to get used to it. Is a small city with the mentality of a metropolis (hard to explain). One thing has to be said allot of culture and a very different type of cuisine. My Samia was 5 months when she arrived here, in a very hot and steamy summer. Un calor del carajo!!!! Many things have happened here. Samia has made some friends she started going to Little Gym (I don't think she was to happy with this). We being here for almost two years however on March of 2007 I have the best surprise of the world I was pregnant once againg and no Fertility. We went down to Miami for Samia's 1st Year party I was pregnant already but had not idea. Also after our return I found out I was pregnant and a few weeks after Guido came and stayed with us for a couple of months. The first year of Samia she gave us no problem slept with no problem ate with not problem she is to this day adorable a pleasure to be around.

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