Sunday, March 25, 2007

March 2007 Samia's 1st Birthday

Samia's first birthday was arriving and I had convince Yehia to go to Miami to celebrate her birthday with all my family. I had on mind a small birthday but in a spanish family that is IMPOSSIBLE. My mom was in charge of it and instead of 5 children like I wanted we ended up with 15 none of them in Samia's age. Also we had so many adults, but what can we do this made Abuela happy. Samia did not walk so must of the time she was in her high chair admiring all these people.

She received so many gifts and the best part was the cake to this day I can not forget it. While in Miami, Samia went on her first boat trip with her tio Fabio, this is a story that I rather not go into detail. The only thing is that on the way back from the island in more than one ocassion I though the boat was going to flip (thanks to who???). Vainas de la familia latina va remundo y todo el mundo!!! Oh I forgot Samia had the chance to go to the Seaquarium. I know she liked it and so did baba and mami. This was our first real vacation with our family! But after 10 nice relaxing days enjoying some pan cubano, some milanesa, chorizo, pandebono etc. I had to came back to the land of Crawfish!!!!!

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