Friday, February 18, 2011

Fun with Abu and Nono

Coming to Miami always means having fun visiting friends, eating outside and going to the shopping centers. Is funny not till we move to the smaller towns that you miss all the commodities we have when we live in a big city.  Also the plus of having Abu giving me a hand with the kids is priceless, it makes it so much easier on them and me as well.

Abu loves going out with us and taking her girls to eat and shopping even if it means to walk around is so much fun. 

Nono loves being funny and allowing them to do anything with him.  SAmia  you love your Nono you love to sit in his lap and play with him, Milo you love being next to your sister so anything that she does you follow or you say.

Amir the other day you left my side and you had manage to open the door and take a crawl down the side walk at Abu's house, you are not walking yet but boy you are fast crawling.

And here I am getting into the Miami groove.

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