Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rainy days around the house

First of all guys look at the date 1/11/11 Cool!
There is always something going on in our house, I guess 5 people just make it fun all the time I hear screams, cries, laughs and lots of whinning coming from every single corner of my house.

The other day I heard that I was going to be flush...

YES FLUSH by a 3 year old that can not even wipe her ass.  The crap they learn is hard to believe not until you hear it.  

This is a typical day at home when it is raining outside.

Samia you are my little scholar you love doing worksheets, I have to admit I get tired of ripping them out and explaining you what to do, before you get tired....but I know one day it would pay off.

Lots of effort baking a rum cake with tres leches to get destroyed while I put the blender away...what can you do after seeing this than run to grab my camera.

No jodas Gamila si no la cagas a la entrada la cagas a la salida.

And in order to make it look decent I cut it in half.

After having my cake destroyed by my terminator I just decided to drink some tea watching the rain...

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