Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Help wanted dishwasher

Nenes mami never used to use the Dishwasher machine I was introduce to it by Ms. Bonnie, yes she taught me how much fun and how helpful it is to collect the dishes of the day and just put them inside that little box add some soap and have my dishes not only wash but disinfected and shinny.  Gracias Amiga

However lately I found a dishwasher helper he loves to explore the machine and at time I have catch him helping me get the dishes out, however, I have notice he does not know the difference of clean or dirty.  His help is not always very helpful he tends to get in my way all the time but I love having him so close to me, I know in a couple of years when I scream 

"Amir saca los trastes de la lavadora or Amir get the dishes out of the dishwasher"  

He is going to play deaf or that he does not know what a dishwasher is so I am making sure I will show him these pictures.  This way I can show him how familiarized he was with the machine back then.

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Visual Notes said...

No way, Amir a dishwasher? Amir save yourself, you have a lot of time before you have to do chores, lol.

I love the last photo.