Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Party Mode - Nest - Christmas

We are in party mode in this house, I really enjoy preparing my nenes birthday...I am a fan of doing allot of the stuff is like an adrenaline rush for me and now the girls are so much into it as well.  I have most of the stuff for the party already I either made it or print it.  And now with my two little helpers things are much easier.

 While las nenas prepare things, el nene decides to venture under the table either to pick the garbage we drop or to pull the mantel...yes Amir you are crawling all over the place and exploring everything you get your hands on.  I guess is a different stage for mami now I have to start getting use to it.

Amir I also want you to know there are days you look just like mami and some other days you are the vivid image of baba.

Oh nenes it looks like the new pairs of doves are trying to mate so mami and Samia decided to make our own nest to see if they decided to mate..I would love that it would be a great learning experience for all of us.  I read that doves don't like enclose nest so we made one with a box of oatmeal some paper and Samia you even draw a few hearts in the nest I though that was so cute.

Mami also started working in an Advent Calendar for Christmas is a combination of different things I have seeing, I just love the fact that we would not have to put a little something in each pocket but more like ornaments to put in the tree.  Hopefully I finish in time...

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Khadra said...

love the nest!!

Im so not motivated. Our advent calendars are the cardboard windows with chocolate in them kind lol!