Sunday, November 7, 2010

Milo's Birthday and others

3 years ago I gave birth to my Milo, my crazy green eye curly hair girl...what can I say Milo you are funny, moody, kind, lovable, smart, are full of far you have being the more challenging for me.  Nenes as you will learn with time mami has LOTS LOTS of patience...but Milo you have push my patience many many times.....I love that about you..and I know you and I would always be power girls like we call ourselves now.

Next week hopefully we would have a little party here at home, I don't like to celebrate birthdays before their birth day...I know I am crazy and full of crap in my head but that is crazy mami.  

The other day while at Walmart I found this bouncy thing and I figure let me buy it is inexpensive and I can set it up in the house...specially with Samia in mind..nena you don't walk you run, for some reason you can not stay still you are always jumping and running...I am so happy that I did purchase it Samia you love that to the point of even falling asleep in there.

Amir you are getting so handsome..although many people say you look allot like baba I think you look allot like me...once again you have another ear infection it looks like you would be getting tubes...I am a bit scared but I think is necessary.  You got another 2 teeth the top have learn to bite already with those four little teeth.

Nenes mami ha estado un poquito trizte estos dias nenes nunca se les olvide que la vida is not an easy one, we always encounter many bumps in our lives sometimes leaving a little sour taste, but always remember that God only gives us what he knows we can handle, don't ever give up always try your best and stick to your beliefs...don't let other change your position once you have made up your mind, be open to advice and take it into consideration but don't change because others want you to change.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Bday!

Cute toy... you know its a hit when the kids fall asleep with it lol