Monday, October 18, 2010

Samia's Veal Parmigiana

Samia I hope you don't change but you love to cook with me and actually you being getting better at it.  You can distinguish very good about cooking salty food and sweets you know what we used depending the platter.

I had some veal in the fridge and for some reasons the girls love this meat I think the fact that is so soft is very appealing to I opted to make some Veal Parmigiana and Samia was my right hand.

Olive oil
1 Egg
Galleta molida which is breaded crumbs
Penne Pasta
Tomato Sauce 
Cheese mix for pizza

I take one egg and beat it add some salt and oregano then put the veal and let in there for about 30 minutes.

Then take  your bread crumbs I love the Spanish brand because they are not big crumbs but instead very thin, you can also take a french bread and let it go stale and then rallarlo

Then take the veal and cover it with the crumbs before that take a tray and put some olive oil and then put the veal after you have them all put some olive oil in top of them as well.

Put it in the oven at 350 F 15 minutes in each side.  While this is cooking take the penne and put it to a boil.

Once the penne is cooked take it out, in the same  pot put some tomato sauce, oregano and salt let it boil for a while then mix the penne with the sauce. Make sure to leave a bit of sauce to spread over the veal

By this time the veal should be ready.  Take the penne put it in a Pyrex and in top put the veal at this time add some of the leftover sauce and the parsley.  Also put some of the cheese and back in the oven at 200F for about 10 minutes and wallah ready to eat.

Samia you helped me in everything taking out the ingredients, preparing it and eating.

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