Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin cooking and crocheting!

After cleaning so many pumpkins and saving the insides I read somewhere the insides of those huge pumpkins did not taste good....I felt so bad because Samia was so excited about some pumpkin pancakes since I did not know how to make her understand that the inside of those pumpkins were not good.  

So I took like 3 spoons and mix the rest with some butter squash to make her pancakes...I know nena mami was kadaba (lier) but sometimes little white lies are not a biggy .

We made this cool pancakes for the week they even had me making them into shapes...and Amir got some yummy food made as well. 

Samia you are getting so big and I don't mean in size in behavior the stuff you say and do, is like you are big little person.

Gamila you are my roller coaster you can go from cold to hot in 2 seconds.

Amir you make me smile and relax most of the least I don't have to give you 1000 explanations yet as of why you can not do this or that.

And now that we are talking about my little man is getting  a bit cold in the morning when I take the nenas to school and since you are my co pilot and have to end up going with me everywhere I decided to make you a little hat for the cold mornings...the place where I live is so windy is hard to explain at times...I guess because I am in love with you...I think you look gorgeous okey drop death gorgeous with your hat.

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