Thursday, June 17, 2010

Updates with mate

I know I being a bit gone..but nenas we being very busy lately.

Samia you are in your second week of swimming and I am really amazed in your improvement.  You love going to the pool everyday.  You are also continuing with your Tball.

Gamila this week you started a dance camp today when I pick you up the teacher told me she wants to take you home with her.  I even over heard you telling the teacher to please put the music so you could dance, while she was teaching you the moves.

Amir you keep on growing this week I had to take you to the Dr. and is your second time with an ear infection...hopefully as you get older you will start outgrowing this.  Nene you are also spending allot of time these days in the car from one place to another, finally you are getting used to getting used to the car.

The World Cup is entering its second week and yes ARGENTINA kick butt another note after Nono left the girls love drinking mate with baba.

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on the edge said...

Ah , the World Cup is going strong here too . I love it , it means Moe leaves me a lone so i can get on the computer more LOL ! Love the pics !