Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tutti Frutti

Today was fun a little of everything but first nenes (I have to admit I always write nenas and not nenes then I realize I have a boy in the house...don't worry Amir I will eventually get it)

Today we set the pool I was able to find the same-one from last year Guido kept on insisting he loved last years pool and now I know why, he wanted to get in it....he is just adorable.  Gamila was afraid of it or the water was too cold one of her drama shows so Guido to make her feel comfortable decided to go inside.

The girls had a blast we also play water balloons with them and today after baba and mami came back from our jog Guido and Samia were waiting for us with a water balloon fight even Zetu got into it.  I have to confess I was afraid of them coming and staying with us since last time it was a bit rough, but boy things are so different now I think Zetu needed more time to be alone.  I still see her cry everyday here and there, I can just not imagine the pain she goes thru every day of her life...I feel sad and I only knew her for a couple of years now imagine her.

Today we also finally release the butterflies Samia had being taking care of for a couple of weeks we let them go it was so nice and they love to stay by the roses, I definitely think we are doing this again and very soon.  Even Milo wanted to release them.

So last night I came across this very funny clip about the presidents of Latin america specially Chavez...I know many of my readers are english speaking only but for those that are not would get a kick out of this..and nenes maybe is not of any interest for you guys...but I am not really sure since lately  in South America the presidents are  changing the constitution to stay longer in term, I would not be surprise that Chavez and Uribe would still be in power.  I happen to think about it as the modern communism.

There is also the second part so follow is very funny.

On another note last night baby Amir decided that it was fair to let mami sleep for 5 hours in a row WOW, but Amir me tienes el busto vuelto miercoles...I have come to realize that nursing a boy is different than nursing a girl or perhaps he is just a rough little man.....te juro que me dan ganas hasta de parar me da un dolor el hijuemadre cuando te alimento culicagado...pero bueno son gajes del oficicio.

And finally here is Amir, Guido is taking him to his crib for a nap....I just love those looks like somebody blow them up.


Khadra said...

So cute that Guido got in the pool with them!!

Stylomom said...

Your kids are very lucky to have their grandpa with them... and they seem to have fun everyday, its great that they have so much time with each other.. Im sure when they grow up they will be very close and its great to have close siblings - you have done a great job here!