Friday, April 23, 2010

Amir is 2 months old!!!

Cono como digo yo! Time does fly I can not believe my little man is 2 months old and starting to smile I just love it when in the morning he gives me that beautiful smile.  I call him my Chino since he has Chinese eyes like me baba is not too happy with it but I just love my chinito.

He is also getting chunky maybe not huge but perfect for me to kiss.

Las nenas are okey they have completely different attitudes for instance Samia is very  mellow but she does have a little attitude reminds me a little bit of my niece Crystal, she loves to make the nalga face like I call it when she does not get away with what she wants.

Her vocabulary is also great she uses all this words that I have to be sincere I don't even use myself her latest over use word is PROPERLY yes she uses that word all the time, I am not sure what is the deal with it but she loves it.

Gamila you are my clown although you also have a strong personality more of being aggressive and getting upset at you and at times you even want to answer me back not that you get very far with that attitude with me but you do try I have to admit.

Like from the beginning Gamila is in love with Amir she wants to kiss him and be all over him, Samia does at time but definitely not as often.

Samia and Milo you guys play much more now days, although there is you share of fights and telling on each other this reminds me so much of Tio Fabio and me like we used to call him alcapon de las quejas....Nenes by the time you read this you guys would know what that means.


Umm Omar said...

Yes, he's looking more and more like you! All are beautiful and sweet, as always!

MK said...

Awww.. ITs already been 2 months? He's such a cutie. So are the girls.. love that pouty face lol.