Friday, April 9, 2010

7 weeks

Wow has it being 7 weeks, yes Baby Amir join us 7 weeks already and he has fill our lives with so much love.  He is adorable he is overall a very good baby till about 1 AM till about 4 AM not sure what happens in this early hours of the morning but he goes loco mejor dicho a lo Colombiano me tienes mamada con la despertadera a esas horas.  

When I am about to choke him and I start saying cono que mierda este culicagado no me deja dormir I get this face

When  I see those cheecks I have no choice but to smile.

Who do you look like I hear that one allot but the truth is that you look just like my dad Abuelo Fabio, hard to find a picture of Abuelo when he was young, however I did find pictures of hte girls at the same age that Amir has now.

.They look alike but different at the same time.
Allot of changes would be coming the next couple of weeks by then we can tell who my little man really looks like.  for now I am enjoying my three little people.


AlabasterMuslim said...

Mashallah your son is soooooooooooo cute!! I love those cheeks!! Its amazing how alike your children all look at the same age.

MK said...

So sweet! It really doesn't seem like its been so long, even to me lol. And time should be dragging here by now right? :-D

Anonymous said...

You've got a beautiful Muslim family... Congratulations. A.F.

Anonymous said...

it's seem like it was yesterday when you announced that you were pregnant!