Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tio Cesar is here with us!

So tio Cesar came to meet baby Mir (like Milo says ) he has enjoy them so much and they are in paradise..they are like velcro to his legs.

Having Tio Cesar home means lots and lots of nice nice pictures I just wish I could take the shots he does but oh well I guess my equipment could not be compare to his...yes nenas tio has work in a reality shows and everything taking pictures for just a side hobby job away from his daily profession.  

I have to be sincere I had a hard time deciding which pictures to pick to put in my blog .

 I see the way he holds my hand and I just wish he would always want to hold my hand.

 Samia tomorrow you will be 4 and i just want you to know that as of now your whole life is made out of pink that is the only thing you want pink clothes, pink monos, pink pink pink so here is Tio Cesars pink gift to you
 So small but full of so much love

 Nenas you see the way you are holding each other that is the way that it always have to be

My Samia my special sweet loving and dramatic girls..yes Samia at this age you were the queen of drama

 Samia you look just like your titi Mio here, and Milo you are just my silly Milo

 Amir I see this pictures holding your tiny feet and I wonder how one day you will be bigger than me and you will take care of me..Wow it makes you realize how vulnerable we are in life and how we become turn into babies when we age once again.  

Amir the way you hold your hands all the time is exactly the way Abuelo does and tio Fabio


Michelle said...

Wow...beautiful pictures!!!! Love them!

And happy 4th birthday to Samia!

Stacey said...

Michelle took my words ha beautiful.