Monday, March 8, 2010

Samia is 4

Samia turn 4 today and her day started with a room full of balloons, Tio Cesar helped me do all the balloons last night so when she would wake up she was surrounded by them, WOW she was so happy I just love the way she is so thankful and came out screaming 

"Thank you mami"

"Thanks you baba"

This are the things that give make me so happy and make me be a better mom everyday the way is so thankful and grateful at such a young age. Let me see that we are making a good job.

Today we did a  little get together after going back and forth and canceling a party.  However today was just perfect she had lots of fun and got to enjoy her day with some of her friends.

Samia you love pink and you and your sister love Yo Gabba Gabba and like is expected you love foofa the pink flower of the show...I actually enjoy the show myself because of the music is very upbeat and every time we play it at home the girls are bouncing of the walls with it.

Abuela helped me yesterday with the cake as well as baba is a tradition here at home to bake and decorate our cakes.

Abuela also helped me make the little goody bags of fooffa, it was small but everything came out so pretty just perfect for a my little pink girl.

Since baba had to work today when baba got home we make sure we sang happy birthday once again.


.::Tuttie::. said...

mashaAllah you are like the best mother EVER!

that is just too precious and to see her so grateful you guys must be doing something right.

Michelle said...

Happy 4th Birthday Samia!!!!

Stylomom said...

Happy Birthday Samia! What a lovely big sister you are!