Saturday, January 23, 2010


Can not lie even though I being a bit uncomfortable because of my size I have enjoyed the last couple of days.  

On Wednesday baba went out of town so I was left alone we decided to go and have a sleepover at Bonnie's the girls were so happy about it specially Samia since on Thursday Samia had to wear her pajamas to school. I did not believe her since I have never done that in my life she kept on telling me and I kept on telling her no Samia you don't go out in your pajamas. She was so persistant that at a point I figure she was right so I called the school just to double check and surely enough everybody wears they pj's to school...WOW I was amazed but the truth I love it, I wish we would had that when I was growing up. 

After school we headed over our friends house we had so much fun the girls slept together and loved it. On the other hand we sew a little crochet and just had fun talking up to late, it actually reminded me of when I was younger and would stay up to late talking to my friends when they would come over to sleep. For some reason Abuela never allow me to sleep overs others house. 

Also on Thursday I visited the Dr. everything is on schedule I have even lost weight not sure how it happens but I think that with las nenas I am always moving around so really no way to stack up the weight. We have tentative schedule the birth for the 3/3/2010 (the only thing I being able to come up with the numbers is that is divisable by 3 and maybe born 3rd month on the 3rd day but that is about it....mami and her numbers)

I have also being sewing a bit and crocheting I was able to finish some sets of napkins for the house we love using the fabric ones the girls enjoy fixing the table, and by me making them we get to pick the colors we like. The baby also got some new onesies I did a bit applique nothing fancy just enough to splash the whites with some kind of color. I was also able to finish some booties with a little hat, I have to admit I love crocheting. Actually Bonnie tried to teach me to knit and I could not get the hang of it. 

Samia lately we have being talking allot you and me and I have notice how much new things you know now. Is amazing how fast your mind is developing, for instance when we read to you at night you know must of the books by memory already, just by flipping the page you can say it out loud. I don't think you recognize the words you just know the whole page. You know how to write your name and spell it, you also know the whole alphabet and I notice you can count all the way to 50. I am not to strict with the teaching I figure everything comes at the time it has to come so little by little. I have also notice you are understanding more and more the languages and sometimes even venture to speak it. 

Milo on the other hand you are so talkative you have finally overcome that stage you had of not being too verbal, however is hard to understand you at time but you get your point across. Your attitude has improve tremendously not sure if it that you fear the chancla or you are just growing up, however I do see allot of baby stuff in you.


Umm Omar said...

the sleepover sounds like a lot of fun. Can't wait for the birth of this baby, insha'Allah! May God make it easy for you. I like to knit but find crocheting difficult!!

Anonymous said...

fear of the chancla. how funny, hadn't heard that one in a while, your girls are getting so big, I just realized it when I was looking at the pictures,time flies doesn't it?

Mama Kalila said...